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Our Manchester event will bring together some of the most innovative start-up and scale-up businesses from varying industries. This is an opportunity for you to discover the thriving ecosystem of the region and how you can benefit from it.

Are you an investor who’s interested in attending?

Are you a founder who
wants to apply?

Thursday 2nd November from 10.30am.

Central Manchester.

Powered by Novus Capital and supported by NOTWICS.

What to expect?

An invite-only event with a tailored audience of suitable investors and regional stakeholders for you to pitch your business for investment.

Two pitch events will take place: 

  • Start-up: Raising up to £500,000 in investment and/or first time fundraising.

  • Scale-up: Raising from £500,000 to £5,000,000 in investment and/or raising further fundraising rounds. 

Two panel discussions will take place:

  • Topics and high-profile speakers soon to be announced. 

Networking drinks will be held after the event which everyone is welcome to attend.

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