How We Work

We learn the ins and outs of your business to secure funding opportunities that are right for you.

Are you aware of the funding you could already be accessing? We can bring an immediate benefit to your business by supporting you with R&D tax and grants.

It’s our mission to get you investor-ready. And we know what they’re looking for. Our step-by-step process puts you in a confident and credible position to get the right funding for your business.

Cash-flow is important for any growing business. Our approach is designed to accommodate all companies, from one man bands to multinational corporations with options to work on a success fee basis. 

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Our tried and tested process

We’re invested in you and we want to understand your business. Through our step-by-step process, we create a credible and compelling narrative to provide investors with an opportunity they can be confident in.

Our hand picked team of trusted experts will work with you, conducting checks across finance, legal and tax areas to develop a plan of action to gain investment. Whether you’re a start-up business or your aim is to scale, here’s what you can expect:

Review existing funding:

We start by reviewing your existing R&D tax applications and previously prepared grants.

Conduct a health check:

Covering finance function, legal documents and corporate structure, alongside key risk tax areas and eligibility for SEIS/EIS to provide recommendations and direction for the future.

Information extraction:

We want to know it all. For grant preparation, we’ll conduct an in-depth on-site workshop to collate technical and financial information. As for R&D tax applications, we’ll communicate one-on-one with your team to review information and prepare reports.

Doing our due diligence:

This is our chance to critically review the quality of your financial forecast and your solution in-line with industry benchmarks. We’ll ensure your application is strong enough to withstand investor critique.

Telling your story:

Reviewing your investment pitch deck, we make sure your proposition is articulated in a compelling way before you’re put in front of investors.

Finalise your applications:

Tying it all together, it’s important to finalise your applications and projects to ensure you’re 100% investor-ready.

Engaging with our network:

Working with us, you can benefit from our trusted network of investors and fundraising know-how. As a valued client, you will also gain full access to a tailor made events calendar featuring nationwide events relevant to your business.

Proactive investor introductions:

Introducing you to relevant investors, we’ll support you in closing your funding with the terms that suit you.

Here every step of the way:

Transparent in all that we do, once you’ve worked with us, you can access templates to support you in your future fundraising endeavours. Our fundraising expertise and finance assistance will continue to support you in growing your profitability.

Accelerate your growth with Novus Capital.

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